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Understanding Your Target Audience: How to Make Your Services Resonate This New Year

It's almost time to welcome the New Year — a time brimming with potential for you and your clients. After holiday indulgences, many are eager to hit the reset button on their health. Here's how to align your functional medicine services with their beginning-of-the-year aims.

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Embrace the Spirit of Change

January is all about new beginnings. Are your clients looking to revamp their diet or amp up their fitness routine? Show them how your personalized health assessments and consultations cater to these exact wellness objectives. Offering a free 15-minute discovery call or highlighting the importance of an initial consultation is a great way to start a new patient-provider relationship.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

Functional medicine shines with its bespoke approach. Imagine a 'Detox and Rejuvenate' program tailored for post-holiday revitalization, or a 'Holistic Weight Management' package that speaks directly to those weight management goals. Isn't that exactly what your clients are searching for? Plus, Well ProZ allows you to bundle your services, lab tests, and supplements into a bundled program where you can easily combine everything your new patient needs to achieve transformation in one purchase.

Education is Empowerment

Your knowledge is invaluable — share it! Why not write engaging blog posts on detox methods suitable for post-holiday rejuvenation? Or tips for maintaining healthy habits throughout the year? This not only educates but strengthens your bond with clients.

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Digital Marketing: Your New Best Friend

This New Year, let's get savvy with digital marketing. Craft messages that resonate with the New Year's spirit of change. Use social media ads targeting specific demographics likely to commit to New Year resolutions. For example, target ads towards middle-aged individuals focusing on 'starting the year with a health check-up' or towards fitness enthusiasts highlighting 'advanced lab testing for optimal performance'.

Host Interactive Sessions

Online workshops or webinars on setting health goals or stress management techniques aren't just informative — they're engaging. It's a direct line to your audience, offering them value and drawing them closer to your services.

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Listen and Adapt

What do your clients really need from you this year? Implement feedback forms post-consultation or send out surveys via email to gather insights. If clients express interest in learning more about specific topics, like gut health or immune support, consider developing new service packages or educational content in these areas.

Building a Community

Engagement doesn't stop at services; it's about building a community.

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." - Seth Godin

Community building in business, particularly in online spaces, has never been more important. Establish a Facebook group where clients can share their health journeys. Host monthly 'Community Health Challenges' focused on different themes, like hydration or sleep improvement, encouraging members to participate and share their experiences.

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This year is full of opportunities. By understanding the January mindset and aligning your services with common health goals, you're not just meeting needs — you're igniting transformations.

We're curious — what's your top health goal this year? Share with us and let's make 2023 a year of health successes together!


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