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#026 Symbiotic Symphony: Understanding the Gut-Brain Dance with Sara Barthel CNS, LDN, FMHC, MS-HNFM

Have you ever considered how your stomach affects your brain?

Dive into the gut-brain connection with Sara Barthel, a licensed dietician, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Gluten-free Practitioner, and Ironman triathlete who's personal health challenges led her to functional medicine and nutrition.

We explore Sara's patient-focused approach to healthcare, as well as the neurological risks for ApoE4 carriers, widespread digestive challenges in Americans, and the effects of post-infectious IBS.

Finally, we delve deep into food sensitivity tests and gluten's role in autoimmunity, and learn about Sara's detox methods and perspective on the "Bread and Other Edible Agents of Mental Disease." Tune in for her secret formula to reduce stress and optimize health.

Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) - Healing the Gut and Brain Connection

(0:09:02) - The Gut-Brain Connection and Digestive Disorders

(0:14:55) - Lab Testing and Translating Results Discussion

(0:21:28) - Gluten-Free and Food Sensitivity Testing Importance

(0:36:42) - Post-Infectious IBS and Stress Management

(0:43:42) - Detoxification and Mental Health Connection

(0:48:06) - Coordinating Care Between Two Medical Fields


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