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#049 From Symptoms to Solutions: Gut Health Mastery with Dr. Diana Stafford, MD

Join Dr. Diana Stafford as we dive into the world of gut health. Understanding of the gut microbiome sets the foundation for managing conditions like histamine intolerance and mast cell activation syndrome.

Dr. Stafford shares her top test recommendations for complex cases, alongside her insights on organic acids' roles in functional medicine.

We explore managing food sensitivities and the impact of diet on the gut, simplifying the complex results of food sensitivity tests and highlighting personalized dietary strategies. Environmental factors, particularly mold, play a significant role in gut well-being, with Dr. Stafford detailing mycotoxins' effects both systemically and on gut structure.

Dr. Stafford recounts her journey from conventional to functional medicine, motivated by a desire to treat illness at its core. She shares her vibrant living philosophy, presenting actionable plans for ongoing health improvement. Join us for an episode brimming with practical tips and deep insights into living your healthiest life.


(00:00) Functional Medicine and Gut Health Insights

(04:45) Understanding Leak-Gut Syndrome Relationship

(16:32) Navigating Food Sensitivities and Healing Diets

(22:22) Mold Illness Triggers and Assessment

(37:03) Dietary Recommendations and Health Considerations

(45:38) Addressing Leaky Gut and Autoimmunity

(55:30) Optimal Health and Gut Health Focus


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