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#041 Beyond the Calendar: Crafting Timeless Health Strategies with Carly Pollack, CCN, MHNutr

Dive into the essence of lasting health transformations with Carly Pollack, a certified clinical...

#040 Holistic Health Hacks: Tackling Autoimmune and Neurodegenerative Diseases with Dr. Stefanie Werner, NMD

Dive into our conversation with Dr. Stefanie Werner, who challenges conventional detox methods with...

#039 Unlocking Brain Health: From Neuroplasticity to Quantum Healing with Dr. Leila Doolittle DC, IFMCP, CFMP, CLS

Join us as we welcome the inspirational Dr. Leila Doolittle, whose expertise in chiropractic care,...

#038 Toxins Unveiled: The Hidden Enemy in Our Diabetes Battle with Dr. Paul Savage

Is the rise in diabetes rates linked to more than diet and exercise?

#037 Redefining Wellness: Pioneering Strategies in Cognitive Health with Dr. Daniel Horzempa, MD

Dr. Daniel Horzempa delves into the intersections of photobiomodulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy,...

#036 The Invisible Invasion: Surprising Truths About Parasites and Your Health with Dr. Ashley de Luna ND

In the latest episode of the Vibrant Wellness podcast, Dr. Emmie Brown hosts functional medicine...

#035 Unlocking Vitality: The NAD Therapy Revolution in Functional Medicine with Dr. Halland Chen

In this episode, we discuss NAD therapy's role in vitality and explore functional medicine's...

#034 From Dysfunction to Discovery: A New Dawn in Thyroid Treatment with Dr. Eric Balcavage DC

Join us in a deep dive with Dr. Eric Balcavage, a thyroid health expert in functional medicine.

#033 Flip the Thyroid Script: Surprising Solutions for Lasting Wellness with Dr. Angela Mazza, DO, ABAARM, FAAMFM, ECNU, CDE

Join us for an insightful episode on thyroid health, featuring renowned expert Dr. Angela Mazza.

#032 The Frustration of Weight Loss Resistance and the Power of Functional Medicine with Shalin Dominique

In this episode of the Vibrant Wellness Podcast, we delve into the complex world of weight...

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