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#016 Uncovering Modifiable Cancer Risk Factors: A Comprehensive Insight with Dr. Debrah Harding, ND, FABNO

Join Dr. Debrah Harding,ND, FABNO, an expert in integrative oncology, as we explore often-ignored cancer risk factors.


We'll discuss environmental culprits like heavy metals and chemicals, along with lifestyle choices related to diet and estrogen balance. These elements significantly influence cancer risk and outcomes. Additionally, we'll stress the value of thorough medical forms in spotting these risks and elevating patient care.

We'll also address radiation dangers, highlighting a case study. This leads to a broader conversation on electromagnetic effects, risks of phones being held close, and potential harm from earbuds. Take note: The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies certain radio waves as "2B carcinogens."

Next, we evaluate the role of naturopathic oncology care in enhancing cancer treatments. We'll clarify misconceptions, spotlighting the significance of the FABNO title. As we conclude, Dr. Harding offers strategies for minimizing pill use and countering supplement fatigue for cancer patients. This episode delivers crucial information for both practitioners and patients.


(0:00:01) - Modifiable Risk Factors for Cancer

(0:08:17) - Radiation Exposure and Its Health Impact

(0:13:05) - Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Its Symptoms

(0:24:59) - Naturopathic Medicine in Oncology Care

(0:35:11) - Naturopathic Care in Cancer Treatment

(0:39:21) - FABNO Certification and Integrative Oncology Care


American Institute for Cancer Research
National Association of Environmental Medicine

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