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#010 From Farm to Brain: Navigating Nutrient-Dense Food and Mental Health with Dr. Kate Henry

Ever wondered how nutrient-dense foods can enhance your mental health? The brilliant Dr. Kate Henry, head of medical education at Rupa Health, joins us for an enlightening exploration into the world of functional medicine.


As a passionate advocate for natural medicine, Dr. Kate has dedicated her life to helping people find their root causes and heal themselves. We dive deep into her fascinating journey in naturopathic medicine, her empowering podcast, The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, and her commendable efforts to make healthcare more accessible for all. 

You'll gain empowering insights into how the food we fuel ourselves with can have a significant impact on our mental health. As we navigate the importance of nutrient-dense food, we share practical tips on how to incorporate these foods into your meals and snacks. We also delve into identifying and supplementing nutrient deficiencies and even gain insights into the connection between histamine reactions, ventilatory thresholds, and hyperventilation.

We wrap up this fascinating discussion by touching upon more complex issues like the challenges in funding research on nutrient testing in mental health and the rise in ADHD diagnoses. Dr. Kate shares her thoughts on why natural interventions should be explored before turning to medications, the importance of understanding the interactions between herbs and medications, and the benefits of functional medicine tests like the Brain Health Assessment. 

Dr. Kate leaves us with a poignant personal account of her experiences with the foster care system and her aspirations of becoming a full-time foster parent. Please join us for this illuminating conversation with Dr. Kate Henry.

Episode Chapters:
(0:00:01) - Functional Medicine and Mental Health
(0:12:21) - Nutrient Deficiencies and Optimal Health
(0:18:32) - Managing Panic Attacks With Inositol
(0:29:31) - Nutrient Testing in Mental Health Importance
(0:37:21) - Understanding ADHD and Optimizing Nutrition
(0:47:46) - Nutrition and Herbs for Mental Health
(0:58:13) - The Importance of Reaching More People

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