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#013 Unlocking Optimal Health with Functional Medicine Expert Dr. John Bartemus

We're excited to dive into a compelling chat with Dr. John Bartemus, a functional medicine expert with a strong focus on patient-centered care.


His shift from conventional to functional medicine stems from a keen desire to identify health root causes and steer people toward peak health. His insights are reshaping the healthcare scene.

In this episode, we explore functional medicine, an area Dr. Bartemus champions. His bestselling book and hit YouTube channel serve as essential resources for clinicians and patients alike, shedding light on alternative health choices. We then discuss the pressing demand for more functional medicine experts, especially with the surge in chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's.

As we move forward, we spotlight the tenets of individualized functional medicine. Dr. Bartemus underscores the importance of tailored healthcare and stresses the need for a shift in medical education from traditional to functional approaches. He also offers tips for training in root cause medicine and shares habits that keep him at his healthiest. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Bartemus—it might just shift how you view health and wellness.


(0:00:01) - Functional Medicine with Dr. Bartemus

(0:12:15) - Functional Medicine

(0:16:42) - Functional Medicine Needs More Clinicians

(0:22:36) - The Importance of Personalized Healthcare

(0:35:07) - Principles of Individualized Functional Medicine

(0:46:37) - Functional Medicine Education Paradigm Shift


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