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#012 The Profound Connection of Nutrition and Health with Dr. Leopold Galland

Join us as we explore the world of gut health and wellness with the medical maverick, Dr. Leo Galland. Renowned for his innovative nutritional therapies, Dr. Galland shares his secrets to treating autoimmune, inflammatory, and gastrointestinal disorders.


Discover how the uniqueness of each patient plays a pivotal role in treatment, and why understanding a patient’s family, background, genetics, and life experiences can make all the difference.

Get ready to unlock the fascinating interplay between nutrition and health. After years of studying nutrition and behavioral medicine, Dr. Galland reveals the potential of nutrition to support gut health and improve our behavior. Discover the clinical importance of microbiome research, the factors and tests for gut health, and the influence of our gut microbiome on our behavior. Don’t miss out on his unique dietary supplement, TLC, designed to revolutionize our approach to wellness.

Lastly, uncover the power of therapeutic whole foods and health supplements. Dr. Galland explores the benefits of black cumin seed oil, Luteolin, and curcumin and how they can act as sculptors in our microbiome. Learn about the significance of a high-fiber, low-sugar, and high-polyphenol diet, and how to balance the challenges of legume consumption. From the role of the gut microbiome in our behavior to the keys to longevity, join us for a journey that could redefine your approach to health and wellness.

Episode Chapters:

(0:00:01) - The Vibrant Wellness Podcast

(0:10:12) - Effects of Nutrition on Health

(0:18:01) - The Clinical Importance of Microbiome Research

(0:22:19) - Factors and Testing for Gut Health

(0:38:57) - Microbiomes, Nutrition, and Human Behavior

(0:44:34) - Therapeutic Whole Foods and Health Supplements

(0:59:40) - Key to Longevity


Dr. Galland's website

Akkermansia Shake Recipe

Akkermansia is a type of gut bacteria associated with decreased risk of developing diabetes in people at risk. The following foods help support its growth in the GI tract and should be taken as a juice drink once a day. They can be ordered online or found at Whole Foods:

Green or Oolong tea, 8 0z, brew for 5 minutes to extract egcg, add to frozen organic blueberries to cool

Pomegranate powder (Navitas Naturals) 1 tsp or pomegranate concentrate (Dynamic Health) 1 tsp

Cranberry extract (Virgin Extracts) 1 tsp

White kidney bean extract (Pure Bulk, comes in a small bag) 1 tsp

Note: adding an avocado will make it creamy and will decrease the tanginess caused by the cranberry

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