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Advancing Lyme & Tickborne Disease Diagnosis with Microarray Technology

Diagnosing Lyme disease and associated co-infections has historically been complex, with conventional ELISA and blot methods offering limited sensitivity. Vibrant's Lyme and co-infection microarray technology provides a more refined diagnosis, overcoming the limitations of these traditional approaches. 

Limitations of Conventional Tickborne Testing 


Traditional methods for diagnosing Lyme disease, such as ELISA and Western blots, are limited by their single-pathogen detection capability, leading to multiple tests for comprehensive diagnosis. Additionally, these methods grapple with inconsistent sensitivity and subjective result interpretation.

A Better Way to Test for Tickborne & Lyme DiseaseTickborne Diseases  Advanced Detection Technology (800 x 1200 px) (1)

Our Lyme and co-infections protein microarray technology addresses these issues by enabling simultaneous testing of multiple antigens, streamlining the diagnostic process with enhanced accuracy. This approach offers detailed insights into a patient’s condition in one assay, featuring high reproducibility and sensitivity. 

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Clinical Validation of Microarray Technology Screen Shot 2024-03-12 at 3.31.24 PM

Our microarray's clinical validation has yielded impressive results: a study published in Nature Scientific Reports demonstrated sensitivity and specificity of 100% and 97%2, respectively. These outcomes represent a leap in diagnostic assay capability and underscore the precision of our proprietary technology. 

Go Deeper: Comparing Vibrant Lyme and Co-Infections Microarray Technology with ELISA and Blot-Based Technology 

Our recent white paper outlines the methodology, development, and comprehensive clinical validation of our microarray platform, contrasting it with traditional diagnostic methods. It serves as an exhaustive resource for medical professionals seeking detailed information on advancements in the diagnosis of tickborne diseases. 

Download the white paper and see how we’re reshaping the landscape of infectious disease diagnostics. 

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