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Celiac Disease: Are You Aware?

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and at Vibrant, we are passionate about both disease management and early detection for Celiac Disease.

Vibrant’s proprietary test for Celiac, gluten sensitivity, intestinal permeability, wheat sensitivity, and wheat allergy, aptly name the Wheat Zoomer, has been a staple in the practices of countless progressive healthcare providers who want to better understand this spectrum of gluten- and wheat-related disorders.

The Vibrant Wheat Zoomer includes standard markers of Celiac disease, such as:

  • anti-Transglutaminase 2 IgG and IgA
  • anti-Deaminated gliadin peptide IgG and IgA

But also includes a novel antibody test, the TtG/DGP Fusion peptide, researched by Vibrant as an early marker of Celiac, which can detect Celiac disease anywhere from 14 months to 4 years before anti-Transglutaminase markers.

In addition, the striking number of individuals with gluten sensitivities has grown over the last 50 years, and this has led to more attention and research focused on discovering why gluten is such a problem for some people.

Previously, medical definitions only recognized Celiac disease as a gluten-related disorder, but after a couple decades of research into this peptide’s antigenic properties, it is now recognized that several other disorders are linked to gluten consumption in sensitive individuals:

  • Gluten ataxia and related balance/gait problems (1, 2)
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis (3, 4)
  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (5, 6)

And, furthermore, some individuals with anti-gliadin antibodies may actually be pre-Celiac, or progressing toward an actual Celiac disease diagnosis. Is it possible that gluten sensitivity is really just pre-Celiac disease for some?

If you could catch this disease progression early, and prevent years of suffering, nutrient malabsorption, and other inflammatory conditions, would you?

If you are a provider or patient who is interested in more information about the Vibrant Wheat Zoomer, or other tests available at Vibrant, please check out our website.

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