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Vibrant Provider Spotlight: Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN

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Meet Kelly Schmidt, a passionate Ohio-based Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in applying personalized approaches to blood sugar control, digestion, and women's health.  

With over 30 years of personal experience managing Type 1 diabetes, Kelly knows firsthand the power of integrative care.

She uses Vibrant lab testing to develop data-backed treatment plans to optimize health that are tailored to each client's unique health needs.

Below, Kelly outlines the simple yet effective GRACE framework she developed to guide patients to better blood sugar control, her favorite Vibrant lab tests, and how her own health mistakes led her to find her purpose.

HeadshotWhat led you to work in functional medicine?

On my eighth birthday, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I had witnessed my dad, aunt, and uncle also live with this disease at a time when education and medication weren’t readily available or talked about. When I was selecting a college to attend and deciding on a major, my dad was gifted a kidney and pancreas—a dual transplant.  

On that day, Feb 5, 2002, I decided to use my time, talents, and career to prevent any father, daughter, and anyone in between from being in this position.  

From that day forward, my flame only burns brighter to be the best at what I do, but more so, to help more people, faster.  

Why do you use functional lab testing?   

Our health journey is as unique as our fingerprint. If we have labs that can better guide a practitioner to lead a client to optimal health, I will use such every time.  

What is one person's medicine is another's poison, and functional labs can make all the difference in saving time, money, and energy in finding solutions.  

Why do you trust Vibrant Wellness lab tests in particular?   

They have very unique labs that are incredibly easy to do in the comfort of your home and mail off. I have found that explicitly having the data from these labs helps motivate my clients to follow my recommendations and enlightens us on what areas need the most support.  

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What is your favorite Vibrant lab test?  

Wheat Zoomer hands down. Many people will tell me they feel better off gluten or even think they don't have a problem. Still, the key findings from this test, as it relates to tolerance to wheat and gluten and the presence of leaky gut and celiac disease, can give us ideal insights into how much attention should be catered to the gut and the extent to which gut function should be manipulated with diet.  

What motivates you to get out of bed and do the work each day?   

Being a Type 1 diabetic for 30+ years, I have made a lot of mistakes. I have to work VERY hard at my health.  

If I can pave the way for others to accomplish and reach optimal health with less effort, I am then living my purpose.  

What are some favorite patient recommendations that make the biggest impact? 

Add more grace to your day, your life, and your blood sugar control. GRACE is my framework I use to guide clients to better blood sugar, which plays into improved hormone balance and gut health:

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Gut: Eat foods you love that love you back. Make sure you poop daily, and your poop looks healthy.  

Rest: Sleep is the secret sauce to health.  

Analyze: Monitor what you are trying to manage and look for trends. 

Carbs: We all have a unique need for carbohydrates, which have the biggest impact on blood sugar. Don't eat them naked, don't overdo them, and eat an amount that feels good and doesn't spike blood sugar or cravings.  

Eat: Eat with the sun. If you have to eat late in the day, eat light.  

What is your #1 advice for your patients?  

Chase results and remain curious always.  

What are some of your patient's biggest takeaways from the lab tests?

Digestion isn't always the key symptom with leaky gut or gluten/wheat sensitivities.  

What are your biggest patient objections, and how do you overcome them?  

Time and stress are always elements of life that are holding my patients back from their best health.  

Saying NO to everything that is not a strong YES and keeping things as simple as possible is key. 

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

I love every bit of it, especially when I help clients defy the odds of their health, expectations, or disease.  

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I have two amazing kids (Declan and Teagan) and a hilarious husband, Schmidtty!

I love being outside, teaching yoga or strength classes, or hosting friends. I love people and alone time, and I put a lot of energy into supporting both.  

Any final words for readers?

We have to have rainy days to appreciate sunny ones. Keep your chin up and create magic. 

Kelly Schmidt is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and certified Yoga Sculpt strength trainer in Bexley, Ohio. 

Her mission is to redefine blood sugar management by weaving holistic nutrition with functional lab interpretations and personally designing practical solutions for success.

Learn more about Kelly on her website and follow her on Instagram @diabeticdietitian