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Vibrant Provider Spotlight: Tiffany Campbell Kaloustian

Meet Tiffany Campbell Kaloustian, an LA and Hawaii-based board-certified functional and integrative health coach and Vibrant Wellness provider. 

Tiffany shared how she integrates functional lab testing into her practice—and how functional medicine saved her life.  

What led you to work in functional medicine?

I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, a systemic autoimmune disease, when my first-born son was only six years old.

I quickly began an aggressive form of chemo to try to place this “dis–ease” into remission. My immune system was slowly destroying my organs and joints. My weight dropped to a dangerous 87 pounds. 

The treatments made me so ill it physically hurt my body to eat. I was told if I didn’t remain on an intense treatment plan with heavy medication, my tissues would deteriorate, and my organs would fail very soon. I followed the protocols from my doctors, but my “dis-ease” was worsening—which baffled my specialists and my primary care physician (PCP). 

I had a hard time catching my breath, my heart rate and blood pressure were dangerously low, and I could not walk very far without getting winded. I also wore a lot of long-sleeved shirts to cover my fragile frame. I had to fight to regain my health.  

I fought to live for my son, for my husband, and for my family and friends. 

My son was not going to lose his mother so young. 

Remaining in faith and prayer, I made a personal decision to stop all my medication, confident He would guide and direct my path toward healing.  

I had developed nearly all of the rare side effects from the medications and was deteriorating quickly. My grandma held my hand and said to me, “Please don’t make it to heaven before I do.”  

A few months after she spoke those words to me, she joined my dad in heaven. I was determined to keep fighting. I still had so much life to live. I was determined to press on and fight in her honor. 

How did you recover?

I decided to study functional medicine and ultimately became a board-certified Functional and Integrative Health Coach. I absorbed all I was learning and began applying the teachings to my life and healing journey.  

After years of healing with functional medicine, my body was slowly coming back to life. 

And without planning it, I became pregnant with my second son in 2020. For over a decade, my body was so sick that having another baby seemed like it would never become a reality.  

My natural pregnancy and birth of my second baby were signs that my body had come back to life, and I was indeed healing. 

Why do you use Vibrant Wellness functional lab testing?     

Vibrant Lab tests gave me the bio-individual markers and systemic answers to what was occurring in my body, driving me toward healing. 

The results allowed me to create action steps to take back my health as I began to heal.   

I still test myself periodically to monitor my inflammation, micronutrient levels, gut health, and food sensitivity markers in order to help keep my lupus in remission.  

I’m honored that I am now a provider with Vibrant Labs and can order these tests (and many others) for my clients and family. 

What is your favorite Vibrant lab test?  

I can’t choose just one, so here are my top five:  

  1. Complete Food Sensitivity
  2. Gut Zoomer
  3. Wheat Zoomer 
  4. Micronutrients  
  5. MTHFR testing 

What motivates you to get out of bed and do the work each day?   

Every day is a dance to stay strong and healthy, but I press on in faith and trust the process. I wake up every day grateful. I have been given the gift of healing that, for so long, I thought was impossible.  

For over a decade, I felt the life I wanted to live was out of reach. I choose to embrace my dance of healing every day.  

I especially embrace the blessings of my two sons. I do my best to keep my lupus in remission for my boys, husband, family, and friends. I take not one day for granted.  

I hope one day I can be an inspiration for my boys and anyone who learns of my dance with autoimmunity.  

I feel privileged that I’m now able to help others. I’m beyond grateful for this community and those who are already dancing with me on their wellness journey.

What is your #1 advice for your patients?  

I place great value and belief in intuitive healing. I honor every client’s bio-individuality on his or her path to wellness. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; I know this from experience.  

Trust the process, be patient, listen to your body, tell yourself “I love you” daily, and embrace your dance with love.    

There is beauty in the struggle and growth and transformation through the pain. 

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

I'm ever-evolving in the world of integrative and functional medicine.  

I have an insatiable desire to keep learning and growing and an immeasurable passion for helping others thrive. 

What do you like to do when you’re not working?  

I’m a blessed mama to two boys. My youngest is almost two, and I love being able to stay home with him. I love spending as much time with them, my husband, my family, and my friends as I can. I don’t take a single day for granted.  

I make sure that prayer, gratitude, laughter, dancing, singing, music, and love are present each day in my life. 

Tiffany Campbell Kaloustian is a Los Angeles and Hawaii-based board-certified functional and integrative health coach with an emphasis in Functional Medicine.  

Tiffany obtained her health coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and her board certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Her specialties include autoimmune “dis-ease”, gut health, and chronic pain/inflammation.

Schedule a consultation and order lab testing from Tiffany at her Well ProZ shop.