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#001 Navigating Mold Illness and Toxicity with Dr. Jill Carnahan


Have you ever wondered just how much our environment impacts our overall health, particularly when it comes to mold exposure? Join us as we delve into this eye-opening conversation with Dr. Jill Carnahan, a renowned physician, speaker, and author with extensive expertise in functional and integrated medicine. She opens up about her personal experience with mold illness, how it inspired her to dedicate her career to helping patients overcome complex health challenges, and shares insights from her latest book, which explores the connection between trauma, stress, and chronic illness, while offering a roadmap to healing.

Dr. Carnahan sheds light on the prevalence of mold in homes and workplaces, the aggressive molds now growing, and the materials and practices contributing to higher levels of toxicity. She discusses the importance of identifying mold illness symptoms, such as cognitive decline, autoimmunity, and immune dysfunction. You'll also hear about lab testing for mold illness, the relationship between mold exposure and various health conditions, and how to create a complete picture for diagnosis and treatment.

Finally, we explore the concept of relational toxicity and how it can manifest in our relationships, as well as the power of resilience through meditation and faith. Dr. Jill Carnahan reveals how her faith and strong foundation help her weather life's unpredictable curveballs. Don't miss this informative and inspiring conversation with Dr. Jill Carnahan about the complex landscape of mold illness and its impact on our health.

------ Episode Chapters -------
(0:00:00) - Mold Illness Health Impact

(0:10:59) - Overcoming Mold Exposure in Medicine

(0:15:24) - Identifying Mold Illness Symptoms

(0:21:53) - Mold, Inflammation, and Functional Medicine

(0:34:54) - Faith, Overcoming Uncertainty & Toxicity

(0:45:52) - Finding Resilience Through Meditation and Faith

(0:50:41) - Wellness Podcast Closing Reminder

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