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#011 Diet, Digestion, and Disease: A Conversation on Gut Health with Katie Morra

Discover the fascinating universe of gut health with the brilliant Katie Morra, founder of Gut Honest Truth. This episode will challenge what you think you know about gut health by going beyond the surface and busting common myths and misconceptions.


We journey through the complex world of probiotics, discussing their utility in specific situations and their pivotal role in gut health. Katie shares her knowledge on H. Pylori, one of the most common gut infections, and discusses its impact on digestion and ways to manage it. The episode further delves into the significance of  functional lab tests like the total tox burden, three-hour lactulose test, and the Dutch test.

We also explore the significance of diet, discussing foods that can support digestion and the role of enzymes and bitters. The conversation turns toward gallbladder issues in females and their connection to hormones and highlights the importance of minimal intervention and the link between immune function and gut health. Join us for this captivating conversation to gain practical guidance to optimize gut health.

Episode Chapters:

(0:00:01) - Gut Health With Dr. Emmy Brown

(0:07:37) - Personal Experience and Importance of "Why"

(0:15:08) - Understanding IBS and SIBO in IBD

(0:25:57) - Probiotics and H Pylori Infection

(0:32:30) - Impact of H. Pylori on Digestion

(0:36:46) - Digestion, Bitters, and Enzyme Deficiencies

(0:42:12) - Gallbladder Issues in Females and Tests

(0:49:45) - Working on Immune Function in Gut

(0:58:11) - Shoutout for Training and Health Insights


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