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#014 Transformative Wellness: From Pharmacy to Functional Medicine with Dr. Grace Liu

Could your gut health be the secret to optimal metabolic health? In this episode, we chat with Dr. Grace Liu about the gut microbiome's vital influence on metabolic health.


We'll examine the potential of probiotics to increase Akkermansia, the impact of pharmaceuticals on our bodies, and the positive effects of ancestral diets and real food nutrition on overall health.


We also explore Dr. Liu's journey from pharmacy to functional medicine, revealing her transformative weight loss experiences. She offers practical advice for wellness practitioners, giving insights into the root causes of stubborn weight gain. With her expertise, we scrutinize non-GI related conditions that warrant stool analysis and discuss real food nutrition's advantages.


Finally, we'll dig into Dr. Lui's gut health protocols—emphasizing the immune system. We'll explore using probiotics for weight loss, the significance of certain gut bacteria, and how oxalates from mold and candida might affect patients with various health conditions.


Tune in to this eye-opening episode to grasp the microbiome's critical role in metabolic health, the impact of emotional trauma on well-being, and the strategies for navigating the complex challenges of fat loss.


(0:00:01) - The Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Health

(0:07:42) - Pharmacist's Perspective on Health and Longevity

(0:18:59) - Gut Health and Weight Loss Protocols

(0:27:24) - Probiotics for Weight Loss and Gut Health

(0:40:57) - Importance of Oxalates and Anabolic Stacks

(0:45:22) - Fat Loss and Health Considerations

(0:58:52) - Expressing Gratitude and Encouraging Health-Consciousness


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