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#019 Deciphering the Enigma of Pediatric Neurological Disorders with Dr. Robert Melillo

In this episode, we delve into childhood neurological disorders with Dr. Robert Melillo, a renowned neurodevelopmental specialist.



Dr. Melillo presents a compelling perspective, highlighting the significant influence of environmental factors on these conditions.

He introduces his diagnostic approach, emphasizing functional measurements to identify developmental imbalances. We discuss functional disconnection, delve into the role of retained primitive reflexes, and explore innovative intervention tools such as lasers, transcranial alternating current, and virtual reality systems. Dr. Melillo illustrates how lifestyle adaptations combined with specific therapeutic interventions can lead to marked improvements in neurological health.

We then turn to the integral role of functional testing and nutrition in medicine. Dr. Melillo shares insights into the metabolic dimensions of neurological issues and offers strategies for handling food sensitivities and picky eaters. We also discuss early intervention, environmental risk factors, and the importance of empathy when working with hesitant parents. This episode offers essential knowledge for those dedicated to improving the lives of children with neurological disorders. Don't miss this insightful discussion!


(0:00:03) - Unlocking the Secrets of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

(0:12:34) - Functional Disconnection in Autism and ADHD

(0:19:09) - Functional Testing and Measurements in Autism

(0:23:47) - Therapeutic Tools and Transformative Stories

(0:32:21) - Lab Testing and Nutrition in Medicine

(0:40:12) - Care and Intervention for Autism

(0:52:46) - Functional Neurology and Its Applications

(0:56:51) - Improve Brain Functions With Technology


Dr. Robert Melillo



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