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#018 Exploring the Confluence of Nutrition and Wellbeing with Carly Pollack

In this episode, we dive into the idea that achieving well-being isn't solely about diet—it's about your approach.

We're joined by Carly Pollack, a renowned clinical nutritionist and author of the bestseller "Feed Your Soul". Carly speaks about her transformative journey, shedding light on her growth as a holistic nutrition leader and the importance of authentic interactions on social media.

Join us as we unravel the nuances of conscious and intuitive eating through Carly's lens. Her approach transcends basic dietary habits, tackling the root triggers of cravings and hunger. Carly highlights the role of peptide medications in weight management and emphasizes the blend of self-growth and spirituality in medical interventions for weight reduction. She also champions the essence of self-reflection and maintaining balance to overcome life's challenges for true well-being.

Finally, Carly introduces her pioneering health monitoring and testing methods, including micronutrient tests and checks for environmental toxins. She shares strategies to build a healthier relationship with food—moving beyond calorie tracking and embracing intermittent fasting's advantages. Through Carly's story, get inspired by the synergy of knowledge, mindfulness, and proactive steps in realizing holistic health. Ready yourself for a burst of motivation—take charge of your health and joy with Carly Pollack.

Episode Chapters:

(0:00:01) - Holistic Nutritionist Shares Wellness Journey

(0:07:06) - Conscious Eating and Five Subtle Shifts

(0:20:16) - Medications, Lifestyle, and Long-Term Health

(0:34:55) - Motivation and Self-Worth Exploration

(0:42:27) - Finding Balance and Self-Compassion in Motherhood

(0:46:53) - Assessments, Labs, and Steps for Health

(1:01:21) - Key to Longevity


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