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Creating Sharable Content in Functional Medicine: Driving Traffic to Your Online Shop

Functional medicine offers profound insights into the realm of holistic care. But as we navigate the vast digital space, how can we create content that resonates, encourages sharing, and drives traffic to an online shop? Let's explore.

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Know Your Audience: The Foundation of Content Creation

Identifying the needs and concerns of your patient base is essential. By tailoring your material to address these areas, it becomes a customized solution. For instance, if gut health frequently emerges as a primary concern, content on topics like "The Role of Probiotics" becomes crucial. This is also an opportunity for you to introduce your patients to lab testing associated with their concerns. For example, the gut zoomer test would be a great addition to your content around probiotics. 

Engage with Visuals: Infographics & Videos

Visual material can simplify complex topics, making them digestible and appealing. A visual guide titled "The Link Between Sleep & Immunity" can convey a plethora of information swiftly. Additionally, video segments, such as the "Minute with a Medic" series, offer insights in an engaging manner, making complex topics easily understandable. Remember, social posts should not be long and wordy.

These infographics are to get your audiences' attention to follow through with a CTA. These are a great place to link your Well ProZ shop and encourage patients to learn more by visiting the link. You can find a library of engaging graphics that are ready to use on our website here.

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Establishing Your Expertise: Comprehensive Articles

Your online material isn't just about informing; it's about demonstrating your expertise. Detailed articles, like a study into “The Role of Inflammation in Chronic Diseases,” not only educate but also enhance your authority in the field. Leading readers from these insights to actionable steps, like checking out related supplements or programs in your online shop, effectively bridges information and action.

The Genuine Perspective: User-Generated Content & Testimonials

User-generated content provides a genuine perspective into the benefits of your practice. Sharing a patient's transformative journey with a bundled program or lab test from your shop can serve as a strong endorsement. Potential patients are more likely to relate to another existing patient after seeing their experience with your services or labs. You can find examples of user-generated reels filmed form the patient perspective  in our content library here by clicking "download" under Reels/Stories. These types of videos are to show patients how easy it is to start their health journey with you right from home.

Optimize for Visibility: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the vast online space, visibility is crucial. Ensure you optimize your content for search engines like Google to increase its reach. For instance, when discussing the "Benefits of Turmeric," integrate relevant keywords to ensure you reach an audience actively seeking this information.

Encourage Action: Incentivizing Sharing and Shopping

Content serves as a bridge, leading readers to take tangible actions. By offering rewards or discounts, like a 10% off coupon to use on your shop, you not only foster sharing but also drive sales. Coupons can easily be created in Well ProZ and can also help you identify where traffic is coming from. These incentives create a cycle of engagement, promoting both sharing and action.

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The world of functional medicine is rich with knowledge and solutions. As a practitioner, you have a dual role: to care and to educate. With tailored, engaging, and optimized content, you can spread awareness of holistic health, foster a sense of community, and guide readers towards becoming a new patient.


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