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Clinical Team Spotlight: Brooke Mader Ganev, MS, CNS, LDN, FDN

clinical spotlight- brooke mader ganev

Meet Brooke Mader Ganev, a Vibrant Clinical Lab Educator based in Redondo Beach, California. 

In this month’s Clinical Team Spotlight, we delve into Brooke’s work in diabetes, her love for building relationships with providers, her passion for outdoor activities, and her time with her Goldendoodle, Clay.

Background and Education  

What's your role at Vibrant?


I’m a Clinical Educator. I meet with providers daily, reviewing patients’ lab tests, helping them create protocols, and piecing together the patient lab story. 

My specialty is metabolic issues. I have a passion for helping people with diabetes. I love reversing diabetes and getting people off of their medication and insulin. 

Patients often hear that diabetes is a life-long condition. While medication may not cure diabetes or consistently lower blood sugar, there's hope. Sometimes, patients come to me as a last resort. Their legs or arms may be amputated at that point, or they have kidney issues because diabetes can affect every part of the body.  

That’s the most rewarding part—changing someone’s life around.  

Where did you go to school?

I got my master's in nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. I’m originally from Maryland, which is why I went there.  

Describe your background in functional medicine 

I didn’t have any illness myself growing up—it’s just something I’ve always been interested in. My mom was a hippie for her time and was always all about the natural route.  

I had some stomach issues as a kid, so my mom took me off dairy. Since then, I never had stomach issues again. So, I saw first-hand that food matters. 

My mom was always questioning doctors, which was different and rare for the time, but I grew up seeing that and loving it. 

I always knew I wanted to help in some way, whether people or animals—I considered becoming a veterinarian, too. I couldn’t see myself spending all day every day doing something else. My path to functional medicine was a natural progression.  

Professional Insights 

What part of your job gets you really excited?

I like solving puzzles and having those “aha” moments with the providers after going through patient history and the labs. It’s also really fun to meet a lot of doctors and build those relationships.  

Also, I love the ever-evolving nature of nutrition and science and having to continuously learn and stay up to date on all the latest research and advancements in the field. That’s always exciting. It can get tiring, but never boring. 

network of doctors

What achievement are you most proud of?  

I’m always so proud when I get people off of insulin and medication and diabetes-free  

Starting my own private practice has also been a cool personal achievement for me.  

What is your favorite Vibrant lab test?  

Gut Zoomer BoxNeural-Zoomer-Box

We have so many great tests. I love the Gut Zoomer and constantly run and review that test with providers.  

But we have some really unique tests too, like the Neural Zoomer Plus. I don’t think there is a similar test being offered in the functional testing market.  

I also like the Wheat Zoomer because it’s seven tests in one. It’s not just looking at wheat sensitivity but Celiac, other autoimmune markers, and intestinal permeability.  

The Micronutrient Panel is also a favorite of mine.  

What motivates you to get out of bed and do the work each day?  

Seeing patients turn their lives around motivates me every day. It’s rewarding. And the networking—I love meeting with providers every day. We build relationships, and that’s really cool.  

What is your #1 advice for providers?  

think outside the box


Think outside the box and really listen to the patient’s story. There are a lot of answers within their stories. Really treat someone as an individual rather than the disease, imbalances, or symptoms they are experiencing. 

What is your #1 advice for patients?  

Believe your body can heal. The mind is really powerful. Sometimes, it doesn't have to be any crazy, expensive protocol. It can simply be getting back to the basics. Believing your body can do it is a really important part.  

Get in tune with your body and hear what it’s telling you. What does that symptom mean and what is it trying to say? 

Outside of Work: Hobbies and Interests 

What is your favorite spot in your city?

My favorite spot locally is where my sister lives—North San Diego, called Encinitas. It’s the most beautiful place with beaches and cliffs, and my stress just melts away when I’m there. 

What do you like to do when you’re not working?  

brooke and clay resized

When I’m not working, I adore the outdoors. From road trips with my husband and dog to beach days. I also enjoy exploring new health food stores and gardening. 

I love my Goldendoodle, Clay. He is the absolute best. Sometimes, we take road trips to visit my family in Maryland so we can bring him along. 

I also like visiting new health food stores, gardening, and beach days. 

Share one surprising fact about yourself  

I’ve lived on three continents before I was 28. I lived in North America, Asia, and Europe, specifically Singapore and London. I’m such a homebody and didn’t ever think I would travel and be so far from home. But it was the coolest experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  

Brooke Mader Ganev, MS, CNS, LDN, FDN, is a California-based Clinical Lab Educator.  

Her clinical specialties include diabetes and metabolic conditions.  

Follow Brooke on Instagram at @nutritionbybrooke and on her website. 

Schedule a consultation with Brooke through the Vibrant Provider Portal.